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Unova Plateau

Where the best trainers come.

pokémon, unova, plateau, pokemon, competitive, #smogon, wifi, showdown, pokebattle, community

Eclipse Gaming

Come here to be part of one of the greatest online clans, Eclipse Gaming

eclipse, gaming, minecraft, warcraft, pokemon, anime, server, #smogon, naruto, music


Place to have fun playing Pokemon. Used to be known as Wifi Battle Center

battle, center, pokemon, tournament, battles, chat, competitive, #smogon, forum, post, tournaments

Team Galactic Clan

Team Galactic Clan is a Competitive Pokemon Battling clan that originated in Miiverse, based on the main antagonist in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. We primarily play Smogon format.

team, galactic, competitive, pokemon, battling, clan, miiverse, battle

Free forum : Silver Plateau

Want to get good at competitive battling? Want to find battles and people to talk to? Look no further, Silver Plateau is where the best of the best gather!

pokemon, competative, battling, plateau, #smogon, silver, elite, metagame, poke, strategy, shoddy


Forum of the Smogon Oceania World Cup squad.

oceania, forum, #smogon, world, squad

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